Friday, November 18, 2011

Early to rise

I love this picture! Years ago when we lived in Colorado Springs, I was in the kitchen cleaning up after lunch and heard Amelia and Eli giggling and playing together nicely! Oh what a good big sister to dance and play for her baby brother and keep him happy for two minutes while I finish up.
I walked in on her "coloring in" Eli's face with a marker! (of course it wasn't a washable one so this lasted a couple of days!) Soooo! hard not to laugh hysterically while I reprimand her and ran to grab my camera!

I woke up early and couldn't fall back to sleep. The clock read 5am. I had the choice of laying there bitter about losing an hour and a half of sleep or getting up and being productive. I laid there for a few more minutes before starting my day early. It will be nice to shower before lunch today I thought. I heard Abe cry, ready to start his day as well. "Oh perfect timing", I thought, "I'm dressed and ready to go". Finally a day that I'll finish feeling that I've done everything I needed to do. We all went to the kitchen and I started to get breakfast and school lunches ready. I'm so on the ball today! I was so proud of myself for making pancakes and eggs for the kids on a school day.

I glanced out of the corner of my eye at the clock on the microwave. WHAT is THAT! It said it was 5:09am! Ok, that can't be so! I woke the kids up and was feeding them already. Could it just be a mistake from last week when I changed all the clocks for daylight savings time? I ran to my cell phone to check .... sure enough that one said it was 5:09am! The kids said, "Oh by the way Mom, Abe was playing with the clock yesterday". Thanks guys! That could have been helpful oh, I don't know like ... about 8 hours ago! So much for being "awesome Mom" today!

Well, I guess the kids still thought I was. Pancakes and cartoons on a Tuesday morning before school!

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